Rock Rehabilitation accepts major health insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and others.

  • Rock Rehabilitation will inform you of the eligibility process and call the insurance company on your behalf. We will start by obtaining your benefits, then walking you through the coverage and benefits provided by your specific plan. We will obtain pre-authorization for your services when appropriate.
  • Rock Rehabilitation is currently credentialed and ready to offer PT/OT/SLP services to clients with the following Insurance Plans. If your plan is not listed, give us a call and we can review your options.
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Cash Pay

Here at Rock Rehabilitation, we offer cash options for our clients who are seeking an alternative form of payment instead of going through their current medical insurance.
▪ Transparency and reduction of overall healthcare costs.
▪ Reduced number of clinic visits.
▪ No Co-Pays.
▪ No hidden costs or fees.
▪ Time effective treatment.

▪ Patient education focus.
▪ No need to meet deductibles

1 evaluation ($200) + 3 physical therapy visits (3 x $100-$150) = $500-$650 billed to patient upfront or paid in installments