Welcome to Rock Rehabilitation


It is the mission of Rock Rehabilitation to provide the highest quality therapy through a holistic therapeutic approach and tailored patient education. We support the development and implementation of creative and individualized interventions for each of our patients. Our holistic approach ensures that we consider all the aspects of the person that can influence their journey to recovery and wellness. This is why each of our patients at Rock Rehabilitation understands their rehabilitation process to enhance proper treatment progression and secure the best outcomes possible. In order for a full return to an active and healthy lifestyle, each of our patients must be involved and educated in their recovery process. Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are dedicated and committed to lifelong learning to continually provide specialized and superior care. We will strive to be recognized for operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and superior patient outcomes.

Core Values:

We are a team of Licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists who value outcome-based treatment. We are committed to:
▪ Customer satisfaction above all else.
▪ Evidence based practice.
▪ Providing innovative services and treatments.
▪ Maintaining and upholding professional ethics with all patient interactions.
▪ Administering professional, dependable, and trustworthy care.


To be a leader in the provision of physical, occupational, and speech therapy by providing exceptional services that result in meaningful changes in a person’s function and satisfaction in their daily roles in society.